USGS: 2016 Lidar Partnership Awards Announced

The U.S. Geological Survey has announced the first recipients of the 2016 partnership funding awards for the 3D Elevation Program. This program, referred to as 3DEP, presents a unique opportunity for collaboration between the USGS and other federal, state and local agencies to leverage the services and expertise of private sector mapping firms that acquire high-quality, three-dimensional mapping data of the United States.
We are very excited about the growing interest in our 3DEP initiative across all levels of government. Im particularly pleased with the outstanding quality of the project proposals we received for this award opportunity, said Kevin Gallagher, USGS Associate Director for Core Science Systems.
Thus far in 2016, partnership funding has been awarded to 21 proposals in 19 states and territories. The total data acquisition for FY16 is expected to result in the influx of more than 150,000 square miles of public domain lidar point cloud data and derived elevation products into the 3DEP program.


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